Staff training and performance in health projects of MSF (FRANCE) in Mogadishu Somalia

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and social sciences.
The study pursed three objectives namely (I) the extent to which the Mogadishu MSF staff were offered on and off the job training; (iii) the level of staff performance in MSF (France) project Mogadishu Somalia; and (iii) the relationship between training and staff performance in MSF (France) Mogadishu Somalia. The study used a cross sectional survey design using mainly a quantitative approach on total of 150 managers and employees of MSF (France) in Mogadishu-Somalia. A total of 108 respondents were selected from the population using stratified and purposive sampling. Data was collected using self-administered questionnaire developed by the researcher of which quantitative data was presented using frequencies, percentages, mean and standard deviation, correlation and regression analyses. The study found put that effort was undertaken by MSF to consider training fresh graduates in different parts of the job by working along with knowledgeable and skilled supervisors, supplemented by lectures(internship) but less efforts were undertaken to adequately orientate employees, give adequate job instructions training, apprenticeship for staff, and job rotation as forms of on the job training. The study found out that the staff received off the job training in form of attending class room lectures and always underwent programmed learning sessions to enable them perform their job effectively. The study found out that staff performance was good in relation to submitting all required daily and weekly reports but was only fair in as far as attending to the desired number of community people in the project area and achievement of targets set by supervisor(s) in the NGO. The study found a high positive significant relationship between staff training and their performance and staff training was a significant predictor of the variance in the staff performance in MSF Mogadishu Somalia. The study concluded that employee training had significantly influenced employee performance. The study recommends that to achieve outstanding performance, the MSF (France) Mogadishu project donors, management, staff and other stakeholders should offer effective on the job and off the job training for project staff.
A Dissertation Presented to the College of Higher Degrees and Research Kampala International University Kampala, Uganda In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements of the Master of Arts Degree in Project planning and Management
Staff training, Performance i, Health projects