Challenges of Ugandan art and craft women in international markets: a case study of Uganda Women Entrepreneurs Association Limited (UWEAL)

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Kampala International University, College Of Economics and Management
This report is the result of an academic research titled "Challenges faced by Ugandan Art/Craft Women in International Markets". A case study was applied in the execution of this research. Uganda Women Entrepreneurs Association Limited (UWEAL) was chosen purposively after considering different factors such as financial resources and accessibility of information. The research was carried out on art/craft women members of UWEAL who operate in Kampala. To achieve the objectives of the study and answer research questions, stratified method of sampling was used to sample the target population; semi structured questionnaires was used to collect primary data. Data were analysed quantitatively using SPSS. The study intended to find out the mode of foreign market entry in which art/craft women are involved in. Results of the study indicate that art/craft women are involved in Export as one ofNonEquity mode of entry. The main mode of entry in which Ugandan art/craft women are inyolved consist of trade fairs also called exhibitions. This was declared by 33% of respondents. With limits (5.80 and 11.06 lower and upper respectively), the results (6.045 and 10.82) show that we are 95% confident that the main mode of entry is trade fairs. The second objective was to investigate challenges facing art/craft women in accessing international markets. The study discovered that the main challenge that Ugandan art/craft women face is identifying and accessing support from the government as advanced by 14% of respondents. This was statistically approved, where the results found (2.56 and 5.30) fall within limits (2.42 and 5.44 lower and upper respectively). To the extent of the role played by UWEAL in success of her members, the researcher observed that UWEAL plays an imperative role in the success of her members by providing necessary information on available opportunities as said by 32% o respondents and train them on how to identify opportunities and overcome challenges among others as advanced by (25% ). This was statistically approved, where the results found (2.91 and 4.92 lower and upper respectively) fall within limits (2.81 lower limits and 5.05 upper limits). It was concluded that opportunities in international market can be taken advantage of by any interested organisation regardless of its size. The researcher suggested that among Non-equity modes of entry trade fairs be included in the fonn of export especially in art/craft industry. It was recommended that in order to improve the industry and increase exports, all key players in art/craft industry must work hand in hand to create a favorable working condition for art/craft women.
Thesis submitted to the school of Postgraduate Studies in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Award of the Degree of Masters of Business Administration of Kampala International University
Ugandan art, Craft women, International markets, Uganda Women, Entrepreneurs Association Limited (UWEAL)