Learning resources and academic performance in chemistry Biashara ward, Nakuru district, Kenya

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Kampala International University, College of Education, Open and Distance Learning
The purpose of this study was to explore the relationship between learning resources and academic performance in chemistry in Biashara Ward, Nakuru district, Kenya. The specific objectives of the study were to determine the levels of performance in relation to availability of text books, curriculum implementation, facilitation, better classrooms, laboratories and practical materials. Quantitative data was categorized according to the research variables and data generated from questionnaires was computed into frequency counts and percentage. The methods used for data collection were questionnaires to students and interviews with the head teachers of schools. The findings indicate that there were effects of learning resources on academic performance in chemistry. The study recommended government buying learning resources in schools so that they are adequate and available for use of science students to help them perform better in academics
A Research report submitted to the Institute of Open and Distance Learning of Kampala International University in the partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award of Bachelors' Degree of Education in Science
Learning resources, Academic performance in chemistry, Biashara ward, Nakuru district, Kenya