Credit Management and Customers to Settle National Water and Corporation Bills

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KIU. College of Economics and Management.
The study aimed at credit management and customers’ willingness to settle bills of National Water and Sewerage Corporation — Kampala Water. The study was guided by the following objectives: To find out the relationship between credit management and customers’ willingness to settle water bills. The research study was carried out to investigate how credit management can be best orientated to enhance and improve the collection margin. The study was carried out from National Water and Sewerage Corporation ~NWSC) Kampala Water. The study used a descriptive survey research design in which both qualitative and quantitative methods were used. The collected data was presented in tables with varying percentages calculated. Interpretations and drawing of recommendations were made according to the number of occurrences on each item. The study findings revealed that credit management has a great influence on customers’ willingness to settle water bills. The study summarized that; the credit management and customers’ willingness to settle water bills are affected by the art of decision making, planning and implementation plus consultation of customers in form of education, awareness and sensitization about the activities of NWSC on her mission and vision statements, and most vital their duties and xi obligations towards the corporation in return for the services enjoyed that resultantly would enhance and improve credit collection. Basing on the study findings, the following recommendations were captured from the respondents; Organizational / institutional politics always demotivates staff which finally affects credit management in NWSC; so such should be vehemently discouraged to safeguard and promote the mission and vision statement of the corporation, There is still a great need for the management to appreciate and recognize what the staffs are doing most especially at branch levels cultivate the art of belonging and confidence in the corporation, to achieve the millennium development goals water should be subsidized to a flat rate for everybody to afford with ease and convenience. Furthermore, transparency in rewards and promotion has a positive bearing on performance and management should value it seriously when there is need for promotions, like banks job rotation based on qualification either annually or after two years should be encouraged to embrace various skills and knowledge in accounts, stores, commercial, technical, finance and other departments in the corporation, important to note incentives should be encouraged like lobbying from the Government to increase on their releases / subsidies and lastly be strict on commercial and domestic collections in handling and resolving issues affecting the credit management policies and procedures.
A Thesis Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of The Award of a Degree of Master of Business Administration of Kampala International University.
Credit Management, Customers, National Water and Corporation Bills