Roles of a counselor in counseling learners with learning difficulties: a case study of Kampala District

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Kampala International University; School of Education
The research was carried out in Kampala City on the topic “on roles of a counselor in counseling learners with learning difficulties”. The study was guided by objectives of study. Chapter one looked at the introduction, background of the study, statement of the study, objectives of the study, research questions, scope of the study, and significance of the study. Chapter two looked through the earlier research documents of different researchers; literature with an aim of identifying a problem of concern eventual number of duplication of early research work is done. Chapter three dealt with the methodology of the study. It included research design, geographical location/area and population, sample technique, sample procedure, data collection methods and instruments, data analysis and processing, ethical consideration and the limitations of the study. Chapter four dealt data presentation, analysis and discussion of the findings and chapter five dealt with the summary of the study, conclusion and recommendations.
A dissertation submitted to the Faculty of Education in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of a Bachelor’s Degree of Guidance and Counseling of Kampala International University.
learning disabilities