The impact of training on performance of community based organization:

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
This study analyzes the impact of training on the performance of Community Based Organization, an analysis of Community Empowerment for Rural Development in Arua District. The purpose of the study was therefore to analyze the relationship between training and the performance of Community Based Organizations. The objectives of the study were to investigate the training approaches used, the practice of perfonnance appraisal, measures taken to improve performance and how often the organization conducts training. This study utilizes descriptive research design where both qualitative and quantitative techniques of data collections were used. The population was 60 and a sample size of 48 was used representing all the departments in the organization from Heads of Departments to Field Officers in CEFORD Head quarters in Arua. The instruments used included questionnaires, interviews and focus group discussion to obtain data from the respondents. The results of the study reveals that mostly men were the ones involved in the activities of Community Based Organization at a rate of 77%, On-the-job training was mostly practiced at a rate of 60%, Mentoring as a form of On -the- job training was mostly practiced in the Community Based Organizations at a rate of 47%. The study revealed that most Community Based Organizations practiced Annual Performance Appraisal at a rate of 67% and use training as a means of c01Tecting poor perfonnance. The organizations averagely conduct routine training and use methods like staff training needs assessment, performance appraisal to identify the training needs. Therefore the researcher concluded that training alone ca1111ot help to improve performance of employees and recommended that a holistic approach that includes motivation and promotions should be practiced. The study further recommended more studies to be conducted in areas of staff recruitment, fiance management and motivation of staff.
A thesis submitted to the school of post graduate studies in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the a ward of the degree of Master of Arts in development administration and management of Kampala International University.
Training on performance, Community based organization, Community empowerment programme, Rural Development (CEFORD), Arua District., Uganda