Global financial crisis and performance of commercial Banks in Uganda; A Case Study Of Equity Bank, Kabalagala

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management
The study examined the relationship between globalization and performance of local commercial banks in Uganda. Its objectives was to examine the level of globalization in commercial banks in Uganda; to examine the contribution of globalization towards the financial performance in commercial banks in Uganda: and to find out the contribution of globalization towards employee performance in commercial banks in Uganda. Dcscripti\L' rcsc·arch design 11as used 111 this study. The researcher sought to describe the strategic responses adopted b) the local commercial banks through observation and interpretation techniques. The population of study used in research was 60 staff and customers of Equity bank Kabalagala branch. The study found out that the respondents agreed with the statements, the majority (22) employees to a less extent agreed that their organization had merged or acquired other financial institution outside Uganda. Majority of 18 employees agreed to a less extent that the bank outsources its lllmcorc business activities in order to concentrate with core business in order to gain compctiti\e edge·. !:ina! I) a large majoril) of20 employees agreed to a very great extent that banks had anti lhtud and money laundering investigation sections. After a close look at the findings and conclusion the following recommendations were made; Local commercial Banks should continue\\ ith the strategic responses that they had put in place to cope with globalization and its efli::cts Competition: Information Technology; Fraud. The dynamic external environment dictates that customers' needs and expectations continue to increase. Therefore, on the basis of the suggestions by the respondents, the bank should continue diverse)'ing its products and services so as to keep up with the competition and the customers' e\'er increasing expectations. Globalization is a phenomenon "hose effects will continue to be all over across the world (global ,·tillage). The bank should continue to equip its management with current information globalization so as to enable them 1i.emulate strategies that will give the business a competitive advantage
A research report submitted to the college Of Economics and Management in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Award of Bachelor's Degree in International Business Administration of Kampala International University
Banks, Global, Financial, Crisis, Commercial, Perfomance