Parents involvement in the education and academic performance of the mentally retarded child n in Rhamu division, Mandera district - Kenya a case study of: Rhamu Division

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Kampala International University,College of Education
The central problem of this study was that despite the introduction of free primary education by the government in 2003, the enrolment of mentally retarded children in public primary schools of Rhamu Division, REIAMU division of RHAMU Kenya was low. This low enrolment made the researcher to conduct the study tn find out the factors that cause the problem. The researcher wanted to confirm whether cultural beliefs, lack of adaptive skills, in-adequate assessments lack oftechnical skills among the teachers and the parents or negligence could be the cause. The scope of the study was the southern part of Rhamu division. The target population was all the parents of mentally retarded children. The sample populations are two parents and class one teachers from the seven sampled schools. The collected data is presented in the frequency distribution tables. Critical analysis each frequency distribution tables. Critical analysis was then made fonn this results. Below each frequency distribution table an observation was made basing on the response of the participants. The researcher applied the use qualitative and quantitative approaches. He uses frequency distribution tables to present the raw-data. There after conclusion and
A research report submitted to the college of open and distance learning in partial fulfillment of the requirement for the award of Bachelors degree special needs education at Kampala International University
Academic performance, Education, Parents involvement, Mandera District, Kenya