Integrating ICT in Library Management: Design and Development of an Automated Library Management System for Cavendish University Uganda

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International Institute for Science, Technology and Education (IISTE)
This study intended to solicit requirements for a proposed library information system and develop it for CUU as a step to automate its library services. The study employed prototyping method to come up with the system. The system met most of the objectives by enabling the library staff keep track of its clients and resources they manage. Report generation was made easy as all the information has become easier to manipulate due to the nature of electronic storage. Searching for reading material has been made easy since different criteria may be used to accomplish the task. The interfaces were user friendly and there was no need for retraining other than orientation. The researcher recommends that this system be continuously built to take care of other library services which include management of the serials and periodicals, book reservations, automatic email notification for reminders, use of bar codes, scanners and labels; and use of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification ) tags to mitigate book thefts. It is also recommended that the library system, go online so that books and lecture notes are accessed over the internet by users.
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Library management, Cavendish University Library-Uganda, Network, Service delivery, Academic libraries