Examination of the contradictions within the employment Laws regarding labor rights: a case study in Uganda

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Kampala international international: School Of Law
This research sought to investigate the Employment industry and its laws and regulations in Uganda. Specifically the study looks at the contradictions within the Employment laws regarding labor rights and the therein as applied to Uganda. The objectives of the research are to find out in general how the employment laws and regulations are being applied in Uganda, assess their Applicability establishing the current working conditions of Employees, review the Employment Regulatory Bodies and to come up with effective mechanisms that can be utilize by the Employment Regulatory Authority and other professional associations in monitoring and supervising Employment industry. With use of different research methods, the study is intended to examine the efficiency of the Uganda Law Reforms and International Labour Organization regarding labor rights. The research looked at the literature review in the domain of the industry and its regulations. The review intends to bring fourth various contradictions within the Employment laws and regulations regarding labour rights and possible recommendations to various bodies. The government is required to re-consider the rationale that enforcing labour rights is at odds with a strong economy and may discourage Investment and cease sheltering foreign investors from enforcement of labour rights. Therefore, it should among other things Sponsor mandatory seminars for employers, on the content of and duties imposed by the country's new labour laws. The Directorate of Labour should Increase funding and facilitation of labour inspectors, support labour officers in providing increased protection for the freedom of association through enforcement of sanctions against employers who fail to recognize and bargain with unions and who punish employees for participating in union activities. In conclusion, it is clear from the failure of government to allocate necessary resources to the Directorate of Labour and to operationalize key, institutions such as the Industrial court that the political will needs to give effect to Uganda's new laws is lacking. This is predominantly due to the prevailing liberal economic policy. Pursuant to which the protection of the rights of workers is viewed as being at odds with development.
A dissertation submitted to the school of law in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the a ward of a bachelor’s degree in law of Kampala International university
Employment law, Contradictions, Labor rights, Uganda