Challenges encountered in implementing free primary education in Nyeri Municipality, Nyeri Kenya

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Kampala International University, Institute of Continuing Distance Studies
This study was seeking to investigate on the impact of the FPE in primary schools There has been a concern that FPE lead to increase in the pupils' enrolment, leading to congestion which has in tum compromised on quality. This has prompted the researcher to investigate factors contributing to the situation and how it can be corrected with the following objectives:- • Profile of respondent in terms of age, sex and marital status • Achievement of Free Primary Education. • Outstanding challenges of universal Free Primary Education A survey design was employed in the study. Data collection was done using questionnaire, documentary records and analyzed using descriptive statistic and presented in tabular form. The target populations were two schools. The study found that free primary education helped greatly the disadvantaged children who could not afford tuition fees and now they learn like any other children in the world. The study results will particularly be useful to addressing academic performance concern strategies. The outcome will also help to suggest the entry policy for educational developn1ent agents to communities for development.
A research report presented to the Institute of Continuing Distance Studies in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Award of a Bachelor of Education Arts Kampala International University
free primary education, Challenges