Effects of Child Labor on Academic Performance in Selected Primary Schools of Makindye Division Kampala District

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Kampala International University, diploma in primary education
This study was conducted to establish and document the effects of child labor on academic performance by taking the case of selected primary schools of Makindye division Kampala district. Children below the age of 18 being economically. Socially active in activities that are done by adults exemplified the child labor. The study particularly sought to establish the effects of such child labor on the academic performance of pupils in schools that was known. The research was conducted by cross-sectional survey, data being collected during ye month of September and October 2008, using questionnaire and interview responses from 10 head teachers 30 pupils and 30 parents randomly and purposely selected from the accessible population. The data was computed percentages and frequencies mechanically, the presented in table quantitatively from where they were discussed using description techniques. The study established that child labor is brought about by poverty, negligence of parents over their children's lives, ignorance in society about its dangers among other factors. It negatively affects the academic performance of a child in class and ends up in dropping out of school in many cases. The government since 1995, set laws against child labor and has put in place the Universal primary and secondary education for all children. Suggestions like sensitization of the masses and strengthening the law enforcement were to minimize child labor in homes. The study concludes that child labor negatively affect the academic performance of a child in school by totally distorting it. It recommends that strengthening of the law enforcement in society and mass sensitization plus setting in place a program on anti-child labor by the government can be a remedy among other ways.
A Dissertation Submitted in Partial fulfillment Of the Requirements for the Award of Diploma in Primary Education of Institute of Open And Distance Learning Kampala International University, Kampala
Child Labor on Academic Performance, Makindye Division