Employee motivation and level of performance in Danish refugee council Puntland, Somalia

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Khadro Yusuf, Jama
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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management
The study focused on the employee’s motivation and level of performance at Danish refugee council Puntland, Somalia. The specific objective of the study was 1) to determine the profile of the respondent, 2) to determine extent of Employees motivation in Danish Refugee council, 3) To determine the level of performance and 4) to determine if there is a significant relationship between the level of Employees motivation and level of performance in Danish Refugee Council Staff. The study used design was descriptive and correlation. The sample size of this study was 105 respondents out of a target population of 143. Simple random sampling was used, the researcher distributed questionnaires in different departments and randomly selected members from each department to give a questionnaire, the staff performance were only filled the supervisors/section heads which was 8 in number. Key findings from the study were (1) the profile of respondents found that; male (67.6%) dominate female (32.4%) among the employees in DRC in Puntland; Marital status, Single (39%) Married (54.3%), Divorced (5.7%) and 1% of them are Widowed; education level, secondary level (1.9%), diploma (18.1%), degree holders (67.6%), master (11.4%), and Ph.D is only (1%); age, age bracket in between 11 to 20 (1.0%), 21 to 30 (57.1%), 31-40 (34.3%), 41-50 (4.8%), 5 1-60 (1.9%), 60 and above (1%); number of years working, below one year (11.4%), 2 to 3 years (68.6%), 4 to 6 years (14.3%), and 7 and above years (5.7%); Department of work, Support (36.2%), Program (61.0%), and others are (2.9%); location of work, Bosaso (50.5%), Galkio (14.3%) Qardho (29%) and Badhan (6.7%). (2) The overall level of employee motivation found low (mean=2.50); (3) the overall level of performance found high (mean=3.024); (4) the study also found that there no significant correlation between employee motivation and performance. It was concluded that The study also tested hypotheses reached that the extent of employee motivation has no significance relationship with the level of performance concluded to the acceptance of the null hypothesis. At end of the study the researcher recommended to improve 1) The organization to increase staff presence in decision making 2) proper rewarding system should be put in place 3) performance appraisal should enhanced
Presented to the College of Higher Degrees and Research Kampala International University, Uganda in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree Master of Business Administration.
Employee motivation, and level of performance in Danish refugee council Puntland, Somalia