The effect of socio economic status on school dropout rates in secondary schools: a case study of Butebo Sub-county, Pallisa District.

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Kampala International University, College of Education Open, Distance and E- learning
The study carried out a critical analysis on the effects of socio economic status on school dropout of students in secondary schools. The study was carried out from Butebo sub county Pallisa district. Previous studies indicate that the socio economic causes of school dropout include; poverty, indirect costs, unwanted pregnancies drug abuse, illness and lack of proper medical care, improper education that does not change the learners among others. Research findings revealed that the causes of school dropout among students include; poverty, class challenges, addiction to drugs, peer influence, death of parents, child labor and neglect, among others. On the effect of the practice to learners research findings revealed out that they become thieves, addicted to drugs, gamblers in life, poverty strikes them, failure to secure jobs in future, failure to manage homes effectively and worst part of it watching pornographic materials. A number of measures have been drawn up basing on the researchers observation and conclusions of research findings. These include among others; the provision of free education to all, sensitization of the parents, arresting idle and disorderly children in the streets and community support services.
A research report submitted in partial fulfillment to the College of Education Open and Distance E-learning for an award of a degree of Arts with Education in Kampala International University
Socio economic, School dropout, Pallisa district, Secondary school