Causes of absenteeism in community secondary schools in lira district, a case study of Lira Sub county.

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Kampala International University
The purpose of this dissertation was to explore the causes of Absenteeism in community secondary schools in Lira District. This study was guided by three objectives namely; to explore the level of Absenteeism in community secondary schools in Lira District, to identify factors influencing Absenteeism in community secondary schools in Lira District and distinguishing the impact of Absenteeism in community secondary schools in Lira District. Data was collected by using questionnaires, interview guide and documents. The analysis involved quantifying frequencies of responses which were later presented in Tables. The study had a sample of 97 participants. The study revealed factors which influence Absenteeism in secondary schools include:- Lack of administrative strategies by heads of school on student Absenteeism , corporal punishments offered to students, low expectation of students from what happens in schools, poor peer groupings, distance from home to school, unreliable transport to school, weather aspect especially in rain season, variation in socio economic status of parents (SES), family divorce, lack of clear policy on managing student Absenteeism in secondary schools, parents keeping themselves distant from their children academic performance and teachers to be not close enough to their students, Thus, the study recommend the government through Ministry of Education and Sports (MoES) to introduce compulsory attendance law similar to that in primary education, to involve parents in their children education and Teachers are recommended to develop a habit of being attentive to problems raised by students for better assistance.
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Absenteeism, Community secondary schools, Lira District