Management information system and project success in project concern international, Tanzania

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Kampala International University College of Humanities and Social Sciences
MIS is continuously being introduced in organizations. Every new management information system is a large investment and it is hence crucial to smoothly get the users to accept the system and the new ways or working. Therefore, it is vitally important that the management information system in projects succeed. But it is commonly known that information systems in projects are very seldom completely successful and every project has to tackle various challenges. The aim of this thesis is to open up the contributions of management information systems in the project's success using a case of PCI company. This research employed descriptive cm-relational design to describe the relationship between effectiveness of management information system and project success, the study used a total population of 344 and a sample size of 220 respondents, and the questionnaire and interview guide were used as the research instrument. Descriptive statistics used in this study included frequencies, means and PLCC on correlation of variables. Data analysis using means showed that extent of effectiveness of the management information system was rated satisfactory on average ( overall mean=J .20) and the level of project success in project concern international was found to be satisfactory and (mean=J.13). The extents of management information system and project success are positive but insignificantly correlated. The researcher concluded that management information systems is a great supplement to the performance and success of the project's in the organization due to its great achievements in the past and if compared to the previous projects that were executed without MIS, there was no achievements experienced as the current achievements achieved through the help of MIS in project's success
A thesis presented to the college of higher degrees and research in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Master' degree in Project Planning and Management (Project Planning and Management) Kampala International University Kampala, Uganda
Management, Information System, Project Concern, Tanzania