The role of media in the coverage of disabled persons in society: a case study National Union of Disabled Persons of Uganda

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Kampala International University; College of Humanities and Social Science
This research was carried out in National union of Disabled Person of Uganda NUDIPU in Kampala Uganda and other institution dealing with disability within Kampala. The research examined how the media covers the day to day activities of the disabled persons in society and how its integration in their lifestyle. The major research problem was to examine the impact of the media in highlighting lifestyle of the disabled persons in the society. The instruments used were self-administered questionnaires, interviews and observation methods to get views on relevance of the media in tackling the issue of disability. Data was collected from different sources which included law material from the field that is primary data and secondary data. It was analyzed using both qualitative and quantitative methods basing on the research questions and research objectives that were set out in the study. The research recognized that the media has less benefit to the disabled persons since it concentrates on the lives of the normal persons. The recommendations made at the end hope to offer long-lasting viable solutions towards media and the society at large to fully integrate PWDs in order to end the degradation and stigma associated with disability and uphold the saying disability is not inability.
A research dissertation submitted to the Faculty of Social Sciences in partial fulfillment for the Award of Bachelor’s Degree in Mass Communication of Kampala International University
Role of media in the coverage, Disabled persons in society, National Union of Disabled Persons, Uganda