The impact of global power arrangements on democracy in contemporary African countries: a case study of Kenya.

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Kampala international international: School Of Law
Political parties have in the recent past continued to shape audience opinion on socio-political and economic matters in the society. Global Power Arrangements (GPA) especially influences the people on many decisions they make in day to day operations. Behind these political parties are political parties' owners who influence on the course the party takes and what it disseminates to the public. This being the case, this research was conducted to find out the impact of Global Power Arrangements in our contemporary African societies. It was also found out that these arrangements affected the lives of the people depending on their respective party affiliations, and that these arrangements were not viable in Africa. Following the findings, it was recommended that laws be put in place by the government to ensure that democracy as a principle takes root in Africa. Also, the media should be regulated on what they disseminate to the people, especially during election times as they have an influence on the masses, for example, by inciting the people against another. It was further recommended that professionalism be improved by discouraging people working in organizations charged with the responsibility of giving opinion on matters of politics don't take sides. Also, the judiciary should be left to discharge its mandate independently in election petitions without influence from the executive. Another recommendation is that regional organizations to foresee elections should be established to ensure that elections are conducted in free and fair elections. Lastly, we should have a regional judicial mechanism where electoral disputes can be referred to by member states that don't have faith in their municipal judicial systems.
A dissertation submitted to the school of law as a requirement for the partial fulfillment for the award of the degree of bachelor of laws of Kampala international university
Constitutionalism, Global power, Democracy, African countries, Contemporary, Kenya