Knowledge and Practices of Nurses on Protective Equipment Use in Surgical Departments at KIU-Teaching Hospital

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Kampala international international : School of Health Sciences
Globally, surgical site infections had been estimated to have attributed to 22% of HAIs due to ineffective use of protective equipment’s at the health care settings. On the other hand, research also indicates that about 40% of PPE were used when not clinically indicated. This implies that most of the healthcare workers have poor knowledge and practice on PPE use yet it is one of the important measures in combating HAIs. The study with the objective to determine knowledge and practices of nurses toward PPE use was carried out at surgical department in KIU-TH, Ishaka municipality, Bushenyi district, in western Uganda. The study used a descriptive cross sectional design, quantitative approach and through convenient sampling, a total of 60 nurses were enrolled and assessed by two data collection tools; structured interview questionnaire to assess the knowledge on PPE use and nurses’ observation checklist for practices on PPE use. Of the 60 nurses selected, majority 40(67%) were female, 32(53%) had had additional training on PPE, 30(50%) had 2-5 years’ work experience and in ages, 28-37 years were the majority 24(40%). The average nurses’ knowledge on PPE use was good at 50(83%) and 40(67%) had satisfactory practices on PPE use. In spite of good nurses’ knowledge on PPE use at 50(83%), satisfactory practice performance is still low 40(67%). This means, nurses practice needs to be improve through; following the guideline in PPE use, strict supervision on nurses’ performance by hospital OHS committee, timely additional training by hospital management, Integration of PPE on to the nurses’ curriculum by MOH.
A Research Report Submitted To Uganda Nurses and Midwives Board in Partial Fulfilment of the Requirement for the Award of the Diploma in Nursing Sciences
Protective Equipment, Surgical Departments, Nurses