Feeding Programme and Enrolment in Early Childhood and Primary Education (ECPE) of pupils in Baringo District, Kenya A Case of Batambwa Division, Baringo District Rift Valley Kenya:

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Kampala International University, College/School of Education
Enrolment in ECPE Centers in Bartabwa Zone have been noted to be low comparing to the high number of children between the age 3 and 6 years who are still at home. Regarding the importance of early childhood and Primary Education the researcher decided to identify the gap by finding out if feeding programme can help raise enrolment in ECPE centres. The researcher used descriptive survey which involved qualitative and survey quantitative research method to find out if there is high enrolment in pre-schools with feeding programme and low enrolment in those without feeding programmes in Bartabwa Zone Bartabwa Division Baringo District in Rift-valley Province, Kenya. The Researcher did this using questionnaire for parents and teachers and interview scheduled for teachers to collect data. The Researcher found out that presence of feeding programme greatly affect enrolment positively. This is because it enabled children who could not have attended pre-school due to their parents’ economic status. This happens when these parents engage in activities which favours feeding programme. These activities are like cooking, caring for kitchen gardens bringing cereals or milk to be used in feeding the children. Feeding programmes also helped in maintaining children in school where they could be catered for holistically from morning to evening. It also helped in creating awareness to parents on how to provide nutritious meal at home which could arouse intellect in children thus effective learning leading to arise in enrolment. The researcher has given suggestions which can help raise enrolment through feeding programmes. These included parents being given opportunities in implementation of feeding programme and creating awareness to them on nutritional values. It is fundamental that if feeding programme is initiated, leaning becomes more effective since children can be nutritionally nourished. These meals should also be administered fully, that is 10.00 o’clock - porridge, mid-day - lunch and 4.00 o’clock tea in order to maintain children in school throughout the day without thinking of running home to receive attention from their parents and have supplementary food in case they get hungry mid-way. Teachers of ECPE need proper payments and holding them consistently so that they can be able to initiate love for the youngsters and cultivate rapport between home and school. Being the second parent they need motivation so that they will encourage the children to like the school and lure others to join them. It is also viewed that with good payments and care the pre-school teachers can be able to nurse and nurture the children without discrimination. They are able to instill positive values of love share and develop spiritual morals and traits in them.
Research Dissertation Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the award of the Degree of Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood and Primary Education of Kampala International University,
Feeding Programme, Early Childhood, Primary Education, Baringo District Rift Valley Kenya