The Attitude of Learners towards the Forced Spoken English in School :A Case Study of Mombasa, Kenya

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Kampala International University, College Of Education, Open,Distance And E-Learning
The study sought to find out the attitude of learners towards forced spoken English in schools in Mombasa County of the coast province,Kenya. The objective of this study is to find out the attitude of learners towards the forced spoken English in schools In Mombasa County. The purpose of the study is to find out the learners opinions towards the forced spoken English in schools. The study used the random sampling techniques. It has fifteen learners and fifteen teachers from three different schools. All the data collected was analyzed using frequencies and percentage because they easily communicate the research findings to the majority of respondents. The findings of the report obtained from the respondents shows that learners do not like to be forced to speak in English in schools and do not like the punishments given to them. The conclusion of this research is learners do not like it when they are forced in English by their teachers hence developnegative attitude towards English speaking and also English as a subject. This makes them feel like they are in jail and when they come out of their school compounds they feel free no punishments no one to tell them, to pressurize them to speak in English hence they automatically switch off to their mother tongues happily and English is forgotten until the next morning when entering the school compound. The recommendation of these reports is teachers should not force learners to speak in English by punishing them, they should find other ways other than punishing them as a way of motivating them to speak English for example giving rewards to the learners who frequently use English to communicate in schools this should be done after every week and other learners will also want to be rewarded as the learner who uses English frequently in schools. This will improve the attitude and they will not feel like they are forced to speak English.
A research report submitted to the College of Education Open, Distance and E-learning as partial fulfillment of the award of Bachelor of art with Education of Kampala International University
Learners, Forced Spoken English, Schools