Orphans and performance in primary school Nguni Zone mwingi District In Kenya.

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Kampala International University, bachelors degree of education
This study was to investigate the performance of orphan learners in all primary school in Nguni District, Eastern Province, Kenya The researcher used quantitative approach for the study. The method involves collecting of the data using questionnaire. The researcher chose this method because it was easy to analyse in table. The researcher collected information from groups of people. The group of people was selected to represent the total population. The researcher used survey design. This is commonly used by the educational researchers. The researcher targeted the teacher handling orphan learners in regular school to represent the targeted population. Four teachers in every school were interviewed. A total of twenty respondents were used to give the data The sampling procedure was simple random sampling. This is because every member of the· group have equal chance of being selected. The questionnaire used to gather information comprised of close- ended questions and open and close- ended questions. The questions were based on research objectives. The researcher came up with findings from his study. It was noted that orphan learners have low self esteem. The teachers and other learners do not show this orphan learners the care they need owing to the reason that they don't understand them. The researcher observed that orphan learners are faced with a lot of problems which call for community and governmental intervention. The institutions in which orphan learners attend should establish and nurture attitudinal change towards them. The researchers have highlighted recommendation geared towards helping orphan learners.
Submitted in Partial fulfillment Of the Requirements for the Award of Degree of Bachelor of Education at Kampala International University Kampala, Uganda
Orphans and performance, primary school, Kenya