The Impact of School Drop Out Primary School Pupil's: A Case Study of Mengo Primary School in Kampala City

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Kampala International University, bachelors degree in guidance and counselling
The study was to investigate the impact of school dropouts in Mengo Primary school. The objectives of the study include; establishing the causes of school dropouts in Mengo Primary School The impact of school dropouts in Mengo Primary School. The research survey design was used; the population targeted included teachers, political leaders and parents The conclusions of the study included poverty, corporal punishments and diseases The impact of the study includes; high cnme rates, illiteracy and early marriages. The recommendations of the study; introduce free lunch at school, reduction in learning hours and build more schools
A Research Report Submitted Faculty Of Education As A Requirement In Partial Fulfillment Of The Award Of A Bachelors Degree Of Education In Guidance And Counseling Of Kampala International University
School Drop Out Primary School Pupil's, Mengo Primary School