Effectiveness Of Guidance And Counseling Programmes In Alleviating Indiscipline In Secondary Schools In Ainabkoi Division, Uasin Gishu District, Rift Valley Province Kenya.

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Kampala International University, bachelors degree of arts with education
The need for guidance and counselling- Kenya became more important in the early 1960's. This was the time the country was anticipating independence. There was need to get Kenyans who would work in industries to replace the expatriates who were leaving the country. Therefore the guidance that was required then was vocational. Since then the guidance and counselling has been recognized and diversified in various government reports and educational commissions. Development plans and policy papers have made ·various recommendations as regard provision of guidance and counseling in schools and colleges. The programme was to assist student learners to get a sense of direction, purpose and fulfillment and by doing so minimizes incidence of indiscipline among students .It was to assist to make the best possible adjustments to situations in the school as well as at home. Since its introduction issues of indiscipline have continued to persist regardless of the greater emphasis by secondary school guidance and counseling programmes .The cases of indiscipline have negative effects on the achievement and overall development of students. Thus the purpose of this study is to investigate the effectiveness of guidance and counseling programme in alleviating indiscipline in secondary schools. The study will use descriptive survey design and will be carried out in secondary schools in Ainabkoi division of Uasin Gishu District. Target population will be the deputy head teachers teacher counselors and. form three students. Data will be collected using structured questionnaires, interview schedules and observation checklists. The accessible population will be six deputy head teachers, six teacher counselors and 150 students selected from the six secondary schools.
A Research Report Submitted to Institute of Distance Learning in Fulfillment of Requirement for the Degree of Bachelor of Arts in Education of Kampala International University Uganda
Guidance And Counseling Programmes, Alleviating Indiscipline, Secondary Schools, Uasin Gishu District, Rift Valley Province Kenya.