The Impact of Retrenchment in the Formal Urban Labor Market in Uganda

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management
Economic adjustment in developing countries is brought about by stabilization policies, which are aimed re-allocation and more efficient use of resource within the production sector. The objectives of the study were to analyze differences between retrenched civil servants and non-retrenched employees within the formal urban labor market in Uganda and compare the labor market issues and policy choices that are faced with the workers after retrenchment. The factors analyzed, outlined and discussed in this study have a bearing on the success or failure of a mainstreaming programme, and some of the problems introduced in these discussions can be considered. The study was conducted in the city of Kampala. It is therefore implied that government takes serious steps towards strengthening these sectors in order to solve the problem of rampant unemployment. This can be done by way of availing credit facilities and a deliberate government policy that favors their expansion.
A Thesis Presented To The School Of Post Graduate Studies Of Kampala International University In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirements For The Award Of The Degree Of Masters In Business Administration
Retrenchment, Urban Labor Market