Sharing of properties under customary marriages in Uganda: an examination of the law.

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Kampala International University.College of Law
The study aimed at examining ~e law of sharing of properties under Customary Marriages in Uganda. The Objectives of the study were; to review the existing legal framework in protection and distribution of property, to analyze the effectiveness of the institutional framework governing property sharing in customary marriages and to examine the effects of the law _of sharing of properties under customary marriages in Uganda. The recommended a by analyzing this study on the topic of Sharing Property in A Customary Marriage. I have come up with the following conclusions, observations and recommendations that should be addressed by all stakeholders from Uganda and other nongovernment organizations at both national and international levels. This is in the bid to promote equity and peace in the sharing of property in a customary marriage . . The study concluded by revealing a large destruction and damage to property in customary marriages when not explicitly divided among the members of the family. This research is , therefore intended to shade light on the law and bring awareness to the community.
Dissertation submitted to the school of Law in partial fulfillment of the requirement of the award of a Diploma in Law at Kampala International University.
Customary, Properties, Marriages, Uganda: