Management skills and Local Government Performance in Maracha Distric7 Northern Uganda.

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Kampala International University, college of Economics and management-masters of business administration
This study investigated the effects of management skills on local government (LG) performance in Maracha District. The study used a quantitative and descriptive correlational designs and involved 110 respondents selected through stratified simple random sampling and census techniques from amongst the administrative staff, appointed officials and elected local leaders in Maracha District. The study used the questionnaire method as a tool for collecting data from the respondents. The questionnaires were validated using expert judgment while reliability was ascertained through test and retest approach. The data collected was analyzed using Statistical Product and Service Solutions (SPSS) version 21.0.Descriptive data was analyzed using percentages and means while inferential data was analyzed using Pearson’s Product Moment Correlation Coefficient (PPMCC) and simple linear regression analysis. The findings of the study revealed that management skills significantly contribute to L.G performance in Maracha District and that there is a significant but weak positive linear relationship between management skills and LG performance (r 0.251, p = 0.014).The study further revealed that, althougi all components of management skills have direct but weak correlation with LG performance, human skills has the most linear correlation with LG performance as a particular component of management skills (r =0.262**, p=0.009).The study then concludes that, management skills is one of the key determinants of LG performance. It also concludes that, although management skills may influence LG performance, it is a weak predictor of performance. The study further concludes that, human skills have more influence over LG performance in Maracha District than other components of management skills. The study then recommends that, local governments should emphasize recruitment of personnel with managerial skills and more so technical skills. Furthermore, a deliberate effort should be undertaken to enhance the managerial skills of the LG workers with a particular attention given to human skills. The study also recommends that, other factors affecting LG performance should not be neglected since management skills only contribute about 26.2 percent of LG performance.
A Thesis Presented To The Directorate Of Higher Degrees And Research Of Kampala International University In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirements For The Award Of The Degree Of Master Of Business Administration (Management
Management skills, Local government performance., government performance.