Factors influencing academic performance of girls in selected primary schools in Tukdea town Council, Bukedea District.

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Kampala International University, College of Education
This study is designed to establish the factors influencing academic performance of girls in selected primary schools in Bukedea Town Council despite the fact that they are assessed through periodic performance tests, do continuous assessment tests (CATS), and term and provision of free primary education under universal primary education (UPE) which is aimed at providing quality Education for all school age going children. This study adapted a descriptive survey design as a major method of research from a population under study. Data on Primary Leaving Examination (PLE) for the last three years in selected primary school was obtained which was used in comparing girl's performance to that of boys. The study established that most girls have only one uniform. Girls do not get enough sleep. They go to sleep very late and they sleep for short hours because they delay in doing chores especially cooking up to late and this affects their academic performance. Some girls believe that studies have become meaningless because even those with degrees cannot get jobs and so they do not concentrate. Traditional divisions of labour in the home exert greater social demands on the girls than the School facilities like latrines, wash room, changing room are inadequate. Once girls reach puberty they need special facilities which is still lacking at schools. Lack or inadequate sanitation facilities particularly latrines negatively affects girls more than boys. Negative attachment between teachers and girls. Teachers use hash language, teacher torture girls with words and thus their hearts are sick. They feel ashamed and shy. Girls' absenteeism rate is high. Low attendance rate have thus been cited has detrimental to learning and academic achievement. In order to improve education of girls, cooperation between teachers and parents who form part of the community is essential. It was important to draw some recommendations that can bring change to community altitude and thinking towards value attached to the education of girls. The study comes up with recommendation for improvement of girls and academic performance. Sensitizing parents by organizing parent's seminars where parents will be informed about importance of educating girls. There is a saying that "to educate a girl is to educate the whole nation". Working ladies should invite to address the parents whenever possible to attach a value of educating girls. Guidance and counseling to encourage the girls equally hard like the boys in order to meet stiff competitions in the job market.
A research report submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement for award of degree of bachelors of Arts in education primary of Kampala International University.
Academic performance, Girls