Teaching aids and the students' academic performance in biology at alliance secondary school, Ibanda District, Uganda

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Kampala International University.College of Education
This research report established the influence the teaching aids on students' academic performance in Biology at Alliance Secondary School-Ibanda. It is composed of five chapters, the introduction, literature review, Methodology, Presentation of findings, analysis and interpretations and recommendations. The introduction shows thee background, the statement of the problem, purpose, research questions, significance and others. The major objective of the study was to establish the influence of teach9ing aids on the students' academic performance. The literature review is a scrutiny of related literature to the study particularly on the basic employment of teaching aids during the teachinglearning process in biology lessons. Chapter three; the methodology shows a cross-sectional design, open and closed questions as well as oral interviews instruments of date collection. Relatively, chapter four illustrates the presentation, analysis and interpretation of the research findings. It is a description of the use of teaching aids at Alliance Secondary School. Thee research findings indicate that teaching aids are not used in biology lessons which affects the performance of students negatively in Biology. Recommendations such as intervention by the school management and the ministry of Education, monitoring of lessons by head teachers and others are suggested under this chapter.
Research report submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the degree of bachelor of Education Kampala International University
Teaching aids, Students', Academic performance, Biology