Teacher motivation and learners’ educational attainments in selected secondary schools in Bushenyi Ishaka Municipality, Uganda

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Kampala international international : College of Education,Open and distance Learning
A qualitative and quantitative study was undertaken to assess the role of teacher motivation in influencing students’ performance in selected secondary schools. The following objectives guided my study; to find out the effect of intrinsic motivation on the performance of teachers. To find out the effect of extrinsic motivation on the performance of teachers. To establish the strategies that can be adopted to improve teacher motivation for improved performance. Six secondary schools were identified in Bushenyi Ishaka Municipality for the study. The instrument used to collect data from the respondents was an open ended questionnaire. Findings revealed that intrinsic motivation affect performance of teachers in secondary schools present a majority with increased pupils’ performance is realized from an intrinsically motivated teacher. It was also found that extrinsic motivation on teacher performance induces incidences of Misconducts like strikes, it makes the employees to develop the sense of belonging and ownership of the organization, encourages the employees to work hard and meet the organization goals. The researcher finally argues that motivation for teachers in secondary schools of Bushenyi Ishaka Municipality is low, it should therefore be improved to enable the teachers operate fully for an improved education system in the District. It was recommended that the authorities concerned should work out incentive packages to increase teachers ‘motivation to teach in secondary schools. Special attention should be put at increasing teacher’s salaries because the majority of them (teachers) complained about the inadequacy of their salary to meet their needs. Accommodation needs to be provided to the teachers to enable them live near schools since many of them reported to be living far away from their schools. Communities should be assisted by the government to put up decent teachers ‘houses so that teachers live within the schools and thus reduce lateness and absenteeism. Awards could be instituted for better performance. Areas such as school and pupil discipline, teacher performance, pupil attendance and achievement and community and parent participation in school activities should be rewarded to serve as a motivation.
A research report submitted to the school of open distance and e- learning in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of Bachelor of Arts with education of Kampala International University
Teacher motivation, Educational attainments, Secondary schools, Bushenyi -Ishaka Municipality, Uganda