Teachers' attitudes towards implementation (teaching) of integrated production skills (art and crafts) in primary schools in Buhimba Sub-County in Hoima

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Kampala International University.College of Education
The study was conducted in primary schools in Buhimba sub-county in Hoima. The purpose of the study was to assess the teacher's attitudes the implementation (teaching) of integrated production skills (IPS) Art and craft in primary schools. The study focused on the followings: 1. To assess teachers lever of participation in integrated production skills. 2. To examine teachers opinion whether integrated production skills should be taught in primary schools (Art and craft) 3. To identify factors influencing the teachers attitudes towards implementation of integrate production skills (Art craft). The study revealed that teachers' level of participation in integrated production skills is low, head teachers do not supervise their teachers while teaching Art and craft, majority of teachers agreed that it is beneficial to study Art and Craft while high percentage of 75% revealed that teachers do not go for refresher courses, pupils perform well in Art and craft, there is enough space for them to conduct and display art and craft work, there is also 50 to 50 disagreements between who supported that it should not be taught and those who said should be taught, lack of instructional materials, and that most of the materials are got from home. The study recommended the followings:- Teachers should be motivated in order to participate actively in IPS, Heateachers should supervise their teachers while teaching art and craft in their classes, The ministry of Education and Sports should organize refreshers courses for teachers through the DEOS, The ministry of Education should also provide schools with instructional materials; this can be done through the DEO.
Research report submitted to the Institute of Open and Distance learning of Kampala International University in partial fulfillment of the award of a Diploma in Primary Education
Teachers', Attitudes, Implementation, Integrated