Procurement Process And Service Delivery In The Public Sector: Acase study of national water sewarage corporation, (Nwsc),Gulu branch

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management
The topic ofthe study was Procurement processes and service delivery in the public sector in National Water and Sewage Corporation (NWSC); the problem was Poor service delivery in NWSC; the purpose of the study was to establish the relationship between procurement processes and service delivery in NWSC; the objectives of the study were; to establish the public procurement processes, to find out the level of service delivery in NWSC and to establish if there is a significant relationship between procurement processes and service delivery in NWSC . The research used quantitative research paradigm which involved descriptive research designs such as descriptive correlational design, cross sectional design and descriptive comparative design. The study employed simple random sampling technique to come up with sample, and used questionnaire in collecting data. According to the research findings the conclusion of the study was; in NWSC the procurement processes are in terms ofprocurement planning, implementation ofthe plan, and evaluation of the plan; service delivery in NWSC is exhibited in terms of transparency, accountability and fairness in the system; the relationship between procurement processes and service delivery in NWSC is small and there is less relationship. Recommendations of the study were: members of staff should make sure that the procurement processes are followed during the execution of the procurement activities. This will result into effectiveness in the procurement processes. Government should emphasize transparency in the system which will help improve on the level of service delivery in NWSC. Government should emphasize accountability where members of staff can procure while being given receipts and giving receipts to the customers. Government should discourage staffto take bribe from the customers when rendering service to these customers. This will help improve the service delivery The research study faced the following problems: most ofthe respondents in NWSC were too busy, so less time was posed to the researcher. Some of the staff and the respondents in NWSC were not willing to give out information due to lack of trust between the researcher and the respondents. Confidentiality, in that, there is some information which was not supposed to move out of the Corporation to the researcher, this limited the research study Some respondents were hesitant to give information since it does not benefit them, thus they needed to have some funds committed to them. The study was only limited to the case study due to limited time and resources to cover the whole branches on NWSC. The researcher resorted to simple random sampling and yet it had its own disadvantages. There were transport costs that limited the study.
A research proposal submitted to the College Of Economics and management Science in partial fulfilment for the A ward of a Bachelors’ Degree of Supplies and Procurement Management of Kampala International University
Procurement, Process, service, Delivery, NWSC