Civil society organizations and women empowerment; a case study of wawa in Bosaso District, Somalia

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Kampala International University
This study examined the role of WAWA in empowering women in Bosaso District, Somalia. It was guided by three research objectives that is; identifying the various activities undertaken by WAWA in empowering women, examining how WAWA empowers women and how WAWA’s empowerment programmes have improved socio-economic status of women in Bosaso District, Somalia. The study used a case study design in analyzing the position of civil society organizations in empowering women in Bosaso, Somalia. Using WAWA as an example the study employed questionnaires and an interview guide as the main data collection instruments and a sample of 103 respondents. Findings showed that 67 (65.05%) of the women in Bosaso were aware of the roles played by WAWA in women empowerment in Bosaso District. The findings showed that nineteen percent of the women noted that WAWA promotes political participation among women. This is mainly through engaging them into training, equipping them with leadership skills, political education and also encouraging them to formulate women development groups. Twenty one percent of the respondents suggested that WAWA conducts advocacy for women rights through capacity building programs creating awareness of women rights and also working towards ending human rights violations. Fourteen percent of the respondents noted that WAWA is engaged in projects aiming to eradicate poverty especially among women. Another 12% reported that WAWA has been active in fighting domestic violence in the region and has achieved positive results from this. The study concludes that CSOs such as WAWA indeed empower women to voice out the opinions and secure their rights using holistic approaches. Generally the study has also shown that WAWA as CSOs empower women politically and socio economically. The study recommends that funding should be allocated to CSOs to implement women empowerment programs. There is need for CSOs to educate the public and politicians about their roles to avoid political interference.
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Civil society organizations, women empowerment, Bosaso District, Somalia