Academic Performance of the Physically Handicapped Pupils in Regular School in Waberi Zone, Central Division, Garissa District, Kenya.

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Kampala International University, College of Education, Open and Distance Learning.
The impact of free primary education has been manifold and complex. The quality and magnitude of the programme has affected not only the normal physically fit pupil, but also the physically challenged learners in inclusive schools as well as the wider community and society. he study adopted a quantitative research design. This enhanced the researcher to obtain a better nderstanding of the problems and impact <if free primary education on the quality <if special ducation for the physically disabled learners in Waberi Zone, Central division, Garissa District Kenya. The method chosen allowed a collection of comprehensive and intensive data and provided in-depth understanding of the topic under study. information collected was analyzed and edited to create consistency and completeness. After :ollecting the questionnaires they were edited for completeness and consistency across the ·espondents and to locate omissions. Information obtained from the research study was presented md analyzed using narratives, and statistical figures. /his report provides suggestions for more effective approach to physically disabled education in 'he county It is designed for policy maker.s; planners and practitioners who have responsibilities n the area of physically disabled education in Kenya.
A research project submitted to the Institute of Open and Distance Learning in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award of a Degree of Education in Special Needs of Kampala International University.
Physically Handicapped, Pupils, Academic Performance, Regular School, Garissa District, Kenya