The impact of logistics management on organization performance; a case study of Britannia Allied Industries (u) Limited

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management
The study aimed at Logistics management and organizational performance the research was guided by three objectives that included; To identify the key logistics activities practiced, the effects of logistics information flow on the organizational performance and the relationship between the logistics management and organization performance at Britannia Allied Industries(U)Limited. The qualitative and quantitative approaches of analyzing data, stratified sampling was used considered 50 respondents, data was collected using questionnaires and interview guide. The researcher encountered several challenges such as; financial difficulties, unwillingness of respondents, high transport cost. The findings were based on objectives of study; logistic activities carried out at Britannia Allied Industries were; acquisition and procurement, material handling, production activities and distribution activities were cited by respondents. The findings revealed that there was effect of information flow and this was indicated with quick customer response about products and services, profitability and production levels increased better service delivery and inventory policy. It was found out that there is a strong relationship between logistics management and organizational performance, the relationship ensured cost reduction, effective supply chain management, meeting the user requirements and customer demands among other aspects. There was recommendations cited in respect to findings, objectives; there is need to enrich (he training of staff with modern logistics activities, organization focus on ensuring quality service delivery
A Research Report Submitted To College Of Economics And Management Science In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirements For The Award Of A Bachelor's Degree In Supply Chain And Procurement Management Degree Of Kampala International University
Logistics management, Organization performance, Britannia Allied Industries (u) Limited