An analysis of the impact of urban markets on solid waste management: a case study of Nakasero market Kampala central division

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Kampala International University, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
The question of solid waste management n in Kampala City is very crucial and demands a lot of attention for every Uganda. Perpetual suffering of our fellow Ugandans demands an immediate attention especially on poor solid waste disposal in the urban markets within Kampala city which is carelessly isolated and highly violated. This study was focused on analyzing the role of urban markets to solid waste management, using Nakasero market as a case study. The specific objectives of the study were: to determine the amount of solid waste generated; to assess the effects of solid wastes; to assess the importance of community’s Education and Awareness creation on SWM, to assess the SWM system in relation to collection transportation and disposal, The study employed a variety of data collection methods, which included among others: Interviews, questionnaires, Observation, review of the related literature, and focused group discussions. The purpose of diversifying the data collection methods was, to ensure maximum validity and reliability of the research findings. To ensure optimal representation of the various stake holders, the research used multiple sampling techniques, which included: simple random sampling, purposive sampling, and the stratified sampling techniques. The major findings of the study were that: the monitoring system of the Kampala city authority is very, hence making waste collection inefficient; the members of the general community are less interested, in voluntarily getting involved in the community cleaning exercises. The researcher, recommended, that frequent community sensitization and health education programmes be introduced in the community.
A Dissertation Submitted To The Faculty Of Social Sciences In Partial Fulfillment For The Award Of A Bachelors Degree Of Science In Environmental Management Of Kampala International University
Urban markets, Solid waste management, Nakasero market Kampala, Central division