Examining the effects of budgetary control on profitability in dairy industries in Rwanda: a case study of Nyanza Dairy Plant

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Kampala International University; College of Economics and management
This research study was undertaken to examine the effects of budgetary control on profitability of milk factory in Rwanda and the case study was Nyanza Dairy Plant. The period of the study was two years (2006-2008). This study was done because most of industries proceeded on employee retrenchment thinking that this could help them to increase the rate of profit. Some managers had avoided budgeting because of the time and effort involved in the budgeting process. In addition of this, managers who had never tried budgeting are usually quick to state that budgeting is a waste of time. The major objectives of this research were: To find out the purpose of budgetary control and how it affects the profitability. To examine the advantages of budgeting in milk factories in Rwanda To investigate the challenges faced in enforcing budgeting system in milk factories in Rwanda The researcher's findings on the study reveals that: The budgeting information is given to few of employees, except the budget committee members and some few people who work in finance department who have an idea on how to prepare, implement and execute the budget at Nyanza Dairy Plant. The Nyanza Dairy Plant a budget committee which is composed of Director, the chief of production, the accountant and the cashier, who work hand in hand to prepare the budget for Nyanza Dairy Plant. Finally, the following recommendations were identified to improve the profitability of Nyanza Dairy Plant: (a) The management of Nyanza Dairy plant must involve everybody m the organization while preparing the budgets. (b) It would be better for Nyanza Dairy Plant to compare its budget not only at organizational level but also at level of other organizations This has an importance of sharing information and improvement of standards. (c) It is also recommended that the Nyanza Dairy Plant should endeavour to give a certain budget education to the staff and allow communication regarding budgeting to flow from management up to junior staff.
A research thesis submitted to the School of Post Graduate Studies, Research and Evaluation Centre in partial fulfillment of the requirements for Award of the Degree of Master in Business Administration (Finance and Accounting) at Kampala International University
Budgetary control, Nyanza Dairy Plant, Rwanda