Indiscipline and Mathematics Performance in Secondary Schools. A Case study Of Kigumo Division in Muranga South District, Kenya.

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Kampala International University, bachelors degree of science with education
This study was focused on the views of the various stake-holders in the secondary schools of Kigumo Division in Muranga South district as pertains to the effect of indiscipline and mathematics performance and the effectiveness of the school administration in maintenance of discipline in their institution. It sought to identify the effect of indiscipline on mathematics performance , causes of indiscipline is handled in schools.The rationale and motivation for carrying out this study was based on the premises that erratic indiscipline cases had been reported in the secondary schools in the division in the recent past , and as it would be expected , this had limited education success in the institutions concerned. It is for this reason that this study attempted to examine the effect of indiscipline on mathematic performance and the school administrators' abilities to mobilize human and physical resources in their institutions to enhance discipline amongst learners. Purposive stratified sampling was used to obtain a representative sample of eight (8) secondary schools in the division. The respondents in the sample schools included; Teachers and Students .By administering questionnaires, data was obtained from respondents. The data obtained was analyzed mainly through tabulation, frequency and percentage and subsequently subjected to correlation and regressive analysis. Finally conclusions and recommendation were then made based on the information obtained from the analysis.
A Research Project Submitted To The Institute Of OPN And Distance Learning, Of Kampala International University In Partial Fulfillment Of The Requirements For The Award Of A Bachelors Degree In Education (Science) Of Kampala International University
Indiscipline and Mathematics Performance, Kigumo Division in Muranga South District, Kenya