A secure computerized loan management system; A case study of Pride Microfinance Bank Rukungiri.

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Kampala International University, School of Computer and Information Technology
A secure computerized loan management system (COLOMAS) is a system that has been built with the objective of providing operational support to the asset side business lines of Pride micro-finance Rukungiri Branch. It is a loan serving system that is designed to handle life cycle of loan post origination until termination. Data capture, storage, retrieval and during loan processing are sensitive activities. A secure computerized loan management system is vital for such activities for accuracy and safe storage, easy and quick capture of data, fast and safe retrieval and updating the data. This solves the problem of inflexibility, insecure data storage and managing officers have a reason to be confident of the credibility and accuracy of the loan processing in a bank. Any unauthorized personnel cannot access the data for any changes while using a computerized management system as compared to a manual filing system. The system auto generated reports give an easy and clear way of auditing the system. It is therefore a need for any financial institution that as part of its services gives loan contract services to its customers, to get a secure computerized loan management system.
A project report submitted to the School of Computing and Information Technology in Partial Fulfillment for the Award of the Degree of Bachelor of Computer Science of Kampala International University.
Computerized Loan, Management System, Secure, Pride Microfinance Bank Rukungiri, Uganda