E-procurement and organizational performance a case of Makerere University

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management
This study aimed at examining E-procurement and organizational performance of Makerere University. Total sample of 30 which is 42% of the population was picked from Makerere University by simple random and purposive sampling methods. Data was collected by questionnaires, interviews and review of documents with a response of 30 staffs which is 99.9% of the sample and qualitative analysis method was used to process the data. The study revealed a number of factors that may lead to effective adaptation of E-procurement in public organization but can mainly be grouped into two, Organization factors such as, sufficient training to employees, high sensitization of employees on existing training program, adequate training budget, and high training programs evaluation; Sociological interaction, such as; age characteristics, marital status, team building programs and high level of education. To enhance further effective improvement of training programs it is recommended to develop a uniform TNA exercise improve the level of efficiency of training function and eventually have clarity in scope and objectives; Conduct evaluation after every training session and give feedback to trainees; increasing employee capacity by allocating sufficient budget; Implement training function openly and involve every individual in determining the kind of training they need.
A research report submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the a ward of Bachelors Degree of Procurement and Supply Management of Kampala International University
E-procurement, organizational performance, Makerere University