Non-governmental organizations and poverty eradication. A case study of Kawe ward, Kinondoni district, Tanzania

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Kampala International University, Faculty of Social Sciences
The study examined the roles of Non Governmental Organizations and Poverty Eradication in Kawe ward, Kinondoni district, Tanzania. The research study describes an overview of the background of Non Governmental Organizations in the world, Africa, East Africa and Tanzania. Also it will look at the statement of the problem, purpose of the study, objectives of the study, research questions, scope and significance of the study. It also describes the review of the related literature from different authors on the roles of Non Governmental Organizations in eradicating poverty, also we look on the challenges facing Non Governmental Organization and solutions to the challenges. Finally the studies also look at the methodology that was used to collect data and these are the following. Qualitative research design, methods of data collection such as focus group discussion, questionnaires and interviews, sampling procedure which will be random, date analysis and presentation and ethical consideration. The study gives an overview on how collected data or findings are analyzed and presented. The information collected through questionnaires and interviews a guide was used answer the research questions. It also contains the summary of the findings, conclusions, recommendation, and the areas for further studies regarding the impact of decentralization on the performance of Non Governmental Organizations. Conclusion shows the stand point and the extent to which the government has gone as far as provision of services to local communities in a sustainable manner. Recommendations are based on the research findings and it also gives or shows what shows what should be done in terms to overcome problems in the findings.
A research dissertation submitted to the Faculty of Social Science in partial fulfilment for the Award of Bachelor of Public Administration Kampala International University
Non-governmental, organizations, poverty eradication