Universal suffrage: an analysis of the Kenyan law

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Kampala International University.College of Law
The study begins \\ith a broad study oi'thc la,,s that put in place the electoral process in Kenya. Many countries arc introducing changes in their electoral procedures laws to keep pace \I ith the ,·arious political. social and economic changes taking place. l'iections arc necessary in Kenya and most African countries i(H" the cxcrcisc of tlH.~ right to universal suffrage, and therefore there is need for proper rules that go,crn ckction processes. The law has been one of the various essential methods of ensuring that every Kenyan has the right to vote. and also ensuring there is law and order bclcire. during and a[\er elections. and its change to co-exist with the dc,elopl])ent oi" the country and its people is important. l intend to look at these laws in Kenya and the changes that have taken place to ensure success in the democracy sector. Apart from the hm. I will briclly look at other factors that have enabled successful electoral processes and thereby bringing about democracy ,, ith a special relcrcncc to Kenya. The actual research will be conducted in consultation with the Interim lndcpendcnt Electoral Commission of Kenya and the lll\~s in Kenya and a view from a picked population o/' Kenyans.
Research paper submitted to the Faculty of Law, Kampala International University, in partial fulfilment of the requirements for the award of the degree in bachelor of Law
Universal, Suffrage, Kenyan, Law