Learning Challenges of Students with Low Vision in Kisumu Integrated Programmes, Kisumu District Kenya

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Kampala International University, bachelors degree of arts with education
The objective of the study is to investigate the impending challenges faced by learners with low vision on the integrated programmes in Kisumu District. The predicament of these learners remains unresolved if vital resources, personnel and environmental modification are not upgraded to suit their needs. The in-sensitiveness of the general school community to involve these learners in facing difficulties with adequate assistance rather than placing these learner in Special schools forms the basis of the study. A quantitative approach and survey design is hence used in collecting data using own designed questionnaire. Thirty respondents provided the sainple population as a representation of more than one hundred schools integrating learners with low vision in the region. Frequency table was used to assemble analyse the results. The findings from the study reveals that despite the training of teaches .!§ handling learners with low vision, in-sensitiveness of the plight of the learners is still lacking by the general school community. The challenges continuous to exist due to lack of serious commitment of the entire community to embrace the challenges as opportunities for development of model institutions where hence the challenges will be aineliorated as an example to other institutions. Difficulties experienced on the use of low vision aids, orientation and mobility, curriculum and non curriculum areas would hence be resolved in order to admit all learners with diverse categories of low vision. Finally, the researcher advocates for creation of model schools from district or divisional level to act as resource entrances where all the needs of these learners would be met. This would act as the key centers of training, inductions and visits for implementation of inclusive policy by the year 2015. This would work along achieving universal education, the article two of the millennium development goals (MDGS) by the year 2015 in Kisumu District and Kenya at large.
A Research Report Submitted To the Institute Of Open and Distance Learning In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Award of the Bachelors Degree in Education (Arts) Of Kampala International University
Students with Low Vision, Kisumu District Kenya