Knowledge, attitude and practices of self-breast Examination among women aged 18-45 years in Gynealogical ward at KIU-teaching hospital

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Kampala International University. School of Health Sciences Western Campus
The study determined the knowledge, attitude, and practices on SBE among women aged 18-45 years in gynecological ward at KIU-teaching Hospital The Specific objectives of the study were; to determine the knowledge, to identify the attitude and determining practices of SBE among women aged 18-45 years in gynecological ward at KIU-teaching Hospital. The study was conducted through a descriptive cross sectional study design qualitative in nature. The findings showed how lack of knowledge among women has hindered the practice of SBE they included; failing to do it in the right time, lack of self confidence in their ability to perform SBE correctly and embarrassment associated with manipulation of the breasts. The findings revealed that the negative attitudes among respondents towards SBE included; fear of detecting breast cancer and BSE is an embarrassment, some women thought they did not have any problem in their breasts therefore no need of SBE. The findings of the study recommended the benefits of the practices among women aged 18-45 years in gynecology ward at KIU-TH included; Diagnosis of breast cancer at an earlier stage, and being an inexpensive method of breast cancer screening
A research report submitted to Uganda nurses and midwives examination board in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of a diploma in nursing science
Self-breast Examination, Gyneacology, KIU-teaching hospital