Occupational health and safety on organisational performance: case of Uganda breweries limited (UBL)

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Kampala International University, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
The study was about occupational health and safety on organizational performance, and the topic aimed at establishing the relationship between occupational health and safety on organizational performance using a case study of UBL. The research study objectives were to find out the various health and safety measure, identify the various factors affecting organizational performance and establish the effects of health and safety on organizational performance. The methodology used was both qualitative and quantitative in nature and it was used to examine the influence of organizational health and safety on organizational performance basing on the existing related literature from text books, website, research journals, magazines and also primary data collection using questionnaires which were given to UBL employees to fill. The provision of safety measures such as policy, noise control, conducive working environment among others, is important to ensuring the employees health and safety and it is a responsibility of the employers, supervisors and also the workers. For it to be effective management needs to involve in a number of activities to make the organization achieve its set goals and objectives. Issues from the findings revealed that there was a strong relationship between occupational health and safety and organizational performance therefore managers have to make sure proper management of health and safety is in the work place if they are to yield higher performance levels. Research by the health and safety executive, established that the tangible benefits from better health and safety management include higher productivity, low absence, meeting client demands, improve staff morale and employee relations. A health and safety Conclusions and recommendations were drawn from the findings and they included sensitization of the employees on the importance of health and safety through seminars and
A research report submitted to the Faculty Of Business and Management in partial fulfillment for the requirement of The Award Of A Bachelor’s Degree In Human Resource Management Of Kampala International University
Occupational, Health, Safety, Performance, Organisational