Effects of population increase on the social and economic development; a case study of Nansana Town Council Wakiso District

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Kampala International University.College of Education
This study examined the "effects of population increase on the social and economic development: a case study of Nansana Town Council Wakiso District" specific objectives were used to investigate the effects and to establish the remedies to the problems. The study was qualitative and quantitative. Data were collected using interview and observation techniques in all over 50 respondents .observations were done by looking at family size, housing standards ofliving, health facilities and employment opportunities The secondary data were got through library; the data collected showed that the respondents had different perception on the effects of population increase to include poverty, high dependence burden, unemployment high crime rates among others and on the possible remedies to solve the problem. The study recommends among others allocating enough resources sensitization of people ensure budgetary plan assisting people to know that rapid population is dangerous to a small country like Uganda Parents to are called upon to pay attention to the needs of their children especially younger girls so that they are not taken up by wealthier men The study there fore concludes that population will continue to increase tremendously despite all, measures put in place unless the above issues are seriously addressed.
Research report submitted to Kampala International University faculty of education in partial fulfilment of requirement for a ward of bachelor of Arts with Education of Kampala International University
Population, Social, Economic, Development