Inflation and the performance of banking institutions in Uganda:

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management
This study was adopted to analyze the effect of inflation on the financial performance of banking institutions especially Barclays Bank Uganda. The study was guided by three objectives; (i) to examine the trend of inflation in Uganda (ii) to assess the financial performance of Barclays Bank Uganda and (iii) to analyze the relationship between inflation and financial performance of banking institutions. The study applied a quantitative research approach mainly descriptive correlational research design. Secondary data for a period of 18 years (2000-2017) was used concerning the study variables. The data was collected following the Data mining technique and analyzed using SPSS statistical package. The findings of study were presented in form of descriptive statistics such as means, minimum, maximum, standard deviations, time series graphs, Pearson’s linear correlation coefficient and linear regression analyses. According to the findings of the study, it was indicated that there has been an increasing trend in the rate of inflation in Uganda. Also the findings revealed that there has been a decreasing trend in the returns on investment, a constant trend in the returns on assets and an increasing trend in the shareholder’s equity of Barclay Bank. It was also indicated that there is a weak positive and insignificant relationship between inflation and returns on assets (r = 0.368, p 0.133). It was revealed that inflation does not have a significant effect on shareholder’s equity (p. value 0.892). similarly, it was found out that the effect of inflation on returns on investment was weak, negative and insignificant (r -0.3 16, p =0.20 1). The study thus concludes that inflation has no effect on performance of Banking Institutions. Therefore the study recommends that the Banking Institutions should target other economic factors that affect financial performance such as stock prices and interest rates. Keywords: Inflation, Financial performance, Consumer Price Index, Returns on Assets, Returns on Equity, Returns on Investment.
A Thesis Submitted to the College of Economics and Management in Partial Fulfillment of an Award in a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics and Applied Statistics at Kampala International University
Inflation, Banking institutions, Uganda, Barclays bank