Impact of late identification of the mentally handicapped children on quality learning: a case study of Central Division, Embu District, Kenya

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Kampala International University, school of education
The study carried out a critical analysis and investigation on the impact of late identification of the mentally handicapped children on their quality learning as well as their academic performance in regular school settings. The researcher carried out this study from Central Division, in Embu District. Previous studies indicate that the impact of late identification of the mentally retarded learners has an effect on their intellectual functioning, educational functioning, affects their physical growth and above all, hindering their personality and social adjustment. The researcher applied a purely quantitative research design in presenting and interpreting the research findings. The technique of data collection used was mainly the use of questionnaires with some key informant interviews to the district officials, Selection of the samples was based on a purposive sampling procedure so as to be able to locate the respondents who are in position of giving information relevant to the study. Research findings revealed that the impact of late identification among the mentally retarded learners results into their having problems with; low class participation, poor concept perception, and above all, the inability to acquire adaptive learning skills. A number of measures have been drawn up basing on the researchers observation and conclusions of the research findings. These include among others: effecting EARS sensitization in the communities, medical attention by doctors, active observation and analysis by teachers, active role of parents among others,
A research report submitted in partial fulfillment for an award of a degree of Education in Special needs of Kampala International University.
Mentally handicapped children, Late identification, Quality learning, Central Division, Embu District, Kenya