Human resource management, ethical behaviour and employees’ performance in Kayonza growers’ tea factory in Kanungu District, Uganda

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Kampala International University,College of Humanities and Social Sciences
The study was entitled Human Resource, Ethical Behaviors and Employees’ Performance’ was carried out in Kayonza Growers’ Tea Factory in Kanungu District, Uganda. The aim of this research was, to examine the Performance of employees of Kayonza Growers Tea Factory in Kanungu District, to identify the relationship between the Human Resource Management and Ethical Behaviors on Performance of Employees in the Tea Factory of Kayonza, to examine how Employees can improve on productivity ofthe Factory. The study was conducted using qualitative (ethnography) to collect data, analyze and present data, data was conducted using instruments; questionnaire, interview guide and observation guide. in order to achieve the benefits of triangulation. Triangulation of research instruments were used strategic by which the researcher collected data from different sources to test for truthfulness. Sound explanation of occurrence was achieved by the researcher The study focused on Human resource management, ethical behaviors and performance of employees. The role of human resource managers are to motivate, supervise, monitoring and evaluation, while employees have to meet their deadlines, participate and delivering of services Ethics is the philosophical treatment of the moral order, its history does not consists in narrating the views of morality entertained by different nations at different times. This is properly the scope ofthe history of civilization, Performance is the actual output or results of an organization as measured against its intended goals and objectives. Performance helps workers to achieve goals and objectives of organization. The study concluded that the workers work as a team, while they are at work place in the factory for example activities are well given to them, each of them contributes to the development of the organization. The study concluded that employees participate in all activities of the factory for example decision making get involved by managers and workers especially directors who come up with decision making hence, however, others suggested that suggested that workers have to be allowed to participate in all activities of the factory, Such as decision making so that they can have a love for the factory.
A research report submitted to the College of Humanities and Social Sciences in partial fulfillment for the Award of the Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration and Management, Kampala International University, Uganda
Employees, Perfomance, Ethical, Behaviour, Management