Marketing strategy and performance of an organization: a case study of MTN (U) ltd- Kayunga branch

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Kampala International University, College of Economics and Management.
The purpose of the study was to examine the effect of marketing strategy on performance at mtn Uganda- kayunga branch. other objectives included finding out marketing strategies used by mtn Uganda. a case study of kayunga branch, finding out the market performance of mtn Uganda, a case study of kayunga branch and finding out the relationship between marketing strategies and market performance of mtn Uganda, a case study of kayunga branch. the study answered questions like; what are the marketing strategies used at mtn Uganda — kayunga branch?,What is the market performance of mtn Uganda — kayunga branch? and what is the relationship between marketing strategies used by mtn Uganda and performance at kayunga branch? the total population for the study was about 20 people at mtn Uganda — kayunga branch; the researcher managed to approach all of them by using questionnaires as a form of obtaining data. questionnaires were distributed to different levels of employees such as top officers, middle —officers and bottom officers. the finding on the age of respondents indicate that they were mostly youth between the age of 20-30 working at mtn-kayunga branch with majority being male and married with university education as the highest qualification. in addition, majority had worked with the company for 4 years and above mostly employed in the marketing department. The implication is that these are young, energetic, experienced and have driven the performance using the different marketing strategies applied at the branch. the overall mean of 2.18 falls under agreed which gives a general implication that the general level of performance of mtn uganda Kayunga branch is greatly attributed to the marketing strategies used by the administrators. the study also concluded that many respondents supported that they have knowledge about interactive marketing in which it has been exercised among themselves and its clients in order to identify customer needs and clients thus boosting up performance in form of sales revenue and sales volume. the study recommends that there is need to organize necessary workshops and training on marketers since some employees at mtn Uganda Kayunga branch are not sure on how to carryout interactive marketing.
A research report submitted to the college of economics and management in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of bachelor’s degree in international business of Kampala International University
Marketing strategy, Performance, Organization, MTN (U) ltd, Kayunga branch